Friday, May 17, 2013

Shabby chic dresser DIY: work in progress

A little Homely Homegrown project round up today: 

My most exciting, never been done before, this better look good project is a dresser set for Josie and her new baby sister, due in October. I bought a solid wood dresser set on the cheap from an estate sale, sanded it, primed it, and now we're ready to make it look pretty. I picked out a gorgeous buttery yellow. I'm working off of an Internet tutorial on how to make your furniture have that cool vintage look, linked below. Hopefully I will be proud to show you results when it's done.

Also happening: mom's super laundry sauce. New recipe, I've used a similar one before but this one is more concentrated.

And finally I am starting work in a new quilt project for my lil' sis Heidi who is headed to college in the fall. Her dorm bed is going to look so cool...

And a little knit teether I'm just in love with. Matching radish in the works.

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  1. Amazing projects! Josie is quite the helper!